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We just tore out the 120+ yr old lathe, and horse hair plaster kitchen wall! The black coal dust, is

I'm in my 50's now, I recall when I use to do this type of demolition work frequently 20 years ago. You would blow your nose afterword's, and see black coal dust in the discharge. Face mask was the only defense, now that has all changed.

We will never go back to the old way, of just a face mask. The filters you guys sent me work fantastic, and we are especially thankful they are washable!!!@

We deployed 2 fans, moving a total of 22,000 cubic feet of air per minute thru the filters based on motor speeds.

When we dropped a large section of wall, we learned to step out of the building. And let the dust filters do their work. In a very short amount of time, the clouds of dust are gone. We quickly learned to leave the fans running non stop.

The old way was fan in the window, which sucks when it's 20 degrees out. Not to mention it left a lot of dust floating around in the room, and polluted the outside.

We learned to never turn these fan/filters off. And wash after every shift, for peak performance!

This is day 2, filters have been washed.


To think this black dust use to be floating around, with no highly effective solution.

We washed the filter on gentle cycle, air you suggested.

Putting the fan off the ground, like you suggested did increase the performance, thanks for that.

Rhea & Louis

Washington, MO

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