AIRBORNE DUST CONTROL, just got easier!


A simple solution, is the best solution sometimes.

We are here to address the Dust Control problems of working indoors, above all else to protect my crew, and all the workers. As new OSHA laws emerge, addressing air quality in the work place is gaining attention.

We provide a remedy to achieve a cleaner environment!

Driven to Clean the Air You Breath!

airnet quikrete
Barbados style dust control
AirNet dble medium in hospital
Medium DemoAirNet & finish Carpenter
10ft x 6ft custom
Air Net Industrial in floor raising.
Finish work
Industrial 42 inch.
Filtering 18,000 cubic feet per minute.....of the airborne dust!
Drywall Repair and Restoration
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Please call 636.221.0284 to reach an American with 10 plus years of working knowledge in deploying this filter.

In a few minutes you can easily outpace rate of contamination, thru simple large scale filtration.

                                                          WHAT IS IT

Demo Air Net is a simple, reusable device that converts almost any fan into a massive air filter. Trapping airborne pollutants and carcinogens.  It is a special micro fiber material that is made to specifications, and sewn by hand in the USA. We harness the vortex, of air flow from the fan, to trap, filter, release cleaner 1,000's of cubic feet of air every minute.


The concept is deceptively simple :  a net made from a special micro fiber filtering fabric that easily fits over the discharge end of a fan and cinches in place with a bungee closure. Thereby harnessing the fans ability to draw in air, and thereby filtering that air on a massive scale! The rate of filtration, when properly sized will outpace contamination rate.


 Demo Air Net is for anytime you encounter airborne dust.  If you can see it in the air, we can capture it.

Demolition, Drywall, Concrete, Manufacturing, Insulation, Asbestos, Sanding

Remodeling, Carpentry and abatement. Any project, anytime, anywhere!

If it's floating in the air, we can filter it out....

Before it expands. 


Feel free to call the inventor

Here is his cell 636.221.0284

Demo Air Net

PO BOX 124

Morse Mill, MO 63066

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